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Nannies make so much more possible.

Child care is a big decision for families. There seem like there are lots of great choices. But being a parent of a 5 and a 4 year old, I know from first hand experience, there has to be a good “match” for the partnership between the parent and the nanny to be successful…and for the kid(s) to thrive.  I know that fundamentally, you want someone who is reliable and organized, nurturing and fun.  To me, the most important feature in a nanny is that they will always treat my children with love.  That is an attribute of our nannies that will always be essential.


All of our nannies are carefully chosen, with background checks completed in the same manner as they would be vetted if they were working for a day care or


school.  We verify, with their references, that not only do they interview well and have the requisite skills, but they also left their prior families and employers with a positive feeling about the work they did.   Having been a school leader for over 15 years, Ben has hired hundreds of educators over the years.  He will work with his team to find a match for your family’s needs.


Formal training and ongoing guidance ensure your nanny is top notch for you and your kids.  Training may include varying daily scheduled activities, behavior management, infant or toddler specific learning engagement.


In emergencies and the inevitable crunches, we’ll find you a great fill-in.

With a One World Learning Nanny on your team, your kids get the care and attention they deserve, even when you’re on the run. And with jam-packed schedules, work commitments and household responsibilities, who’s not running?  

Further, with the COVID 19 Quarantine, the need has become rather urgent.  We get it!


When it comes to having someone come in and care for your children, not just anyone will do. Our personal approach allows us to find great matches for your specific needs, family values and your kids’ personalities.

  • Why Our Sitters?

Every Sitter is professionally trained and matched to your child’s unique abilities,

interests and style.  You have specific interests and you know your child best.  So, our first step is to have a candid conversation with you to discover exactly what you want in a sitter…beyond the basics 😊

  • Trustworthy Child Care

All our sitters are carefully screened and receive ongoing professional training and guidance. And of course they love children.
  • Background Checks

Through our rigorous quality assurance program, we screen all the candidiates, to provide your family with the trusted quality care.

  • Hygiene

All of our care takers will abide by the highest standards of keeping themselves COVID 19 free by adhering to social distancing mandates, hand washing and face mask wearing while they are off-work.  They will bring a change of clothes to change into when they arrive to your home.  This ensures that even the slightest chance that something on their clothing or shoes is not coming into contact with you or your family.

  • Reference Checks

When your sitter is backed by great reviews, you can rest assured your child is in great hands!

  • Advanced Training

  • So much rides on today’s grades.

Getting into college takes preparation and individual focus starting as early as 7th grade. Yikes! Let’s ratchet that stress down a notch, and help your kids succeed.

  • Define goals

From page 1 to perfection, we’ll help you set an achievable path. Ongoing tutor training and evaluation ensure you have an exceptional, personalized experience.

Specialty Care
  • Solutions For Any Occasion

Now you have a high quality child care solution wherever and whenever you need one. Great for religious organizations, business meetings, special events and as a reliable back-up plan for your employees. From one-day, one-time needs to multi-day events, fill-in care for religious organizations, convention care or guest room babysitting.

One-time Service or Recurring Services available.

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