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Caring Child
Looking for your next childcare match?
We make it simple.

We match you with multiple childcare opportunities in your area. Our goal at One World Learning Group is to match you with local families who know the value a quality child care professional brings to their home.

Register your profile with One World Learning today and we will begin to start matching you with new families!

What is One World Learning?

Come and join our happy family of thriving childcare professionals.


We are constantly receiving requests from families who are seeking the perfect match for their children. We will leverage your experience, references and loving, energetic personality to find match you with an amazing family. Simply submit your info and we will begin working for you immediately.  

Whether you’re fresh out of HS and seeking a steady income by taking your babysitting experience to the next level, or you are a veteran preschool teacher ready to be your own boss by leveraging that experience to get the pay you deserve... One World Learning will be your best professional advocate.  We will find you families, prep you for your interviews; and even provide your source for continued professional development and career guidance.

One World Learning provides a truly customized approach to supporting early childcare educators.  You deserve it!!  We honor and respect the unique gifts that you bring to the children and families you support.  We know first hand that the work requires dynamic skills, boundless patience, and a thirst for understanding, all packaged up within an energy of genuine LOVE for working with kids.   Childcare is not your average J-O-B. 


Our JOB is to match you with amazing families that will be grateful for the talent and the care you can provide their most precious gifts to the world.  

Customized Matching

Connect with other families in your region and find opportunities to care for children in your region within homes that respect your talents and the love you bring in to their homes.   

Flexible Scheduling

Families are always looking for passionate, dedicated caregivers and do not always know how to find them.  We are amazing at matching you up with families who need care when you are available. State your availability and position yourself to land your dream job.

Competitive Compensation

Rest assured knowing that you will be paid weekly.  Your excellent reviews (along with your education and experience) will dictate increases in your hourly wages.  Create a profile highlighting all of your experience, education, and certifications. Request and showoff references from your fellow co-teachers.  We will aim to always get you excellent rates so that you are focused on the children instead of the negotiation for more money.

Want to find your dream childcare role?
Apply below and let us match you with your dream job.
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