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"Each time one prematurely teaches a child something he could have discovered for himself, that child is kept from inventing it and, consequently, from understanding it completely." – Jean Piaget

Our Philosophy

International interest in Italy’s Reggio Emilia schools exploded when Newsweek magazine dubbed them “the best preschools in the world” in 1991. The beautiful philosophy has many educational concepts we value deeply at One World Learning  and it inspires our important work with children.

We have:

  • Faith in parents: To be informed and cooperative members of the team

  • Faith in children: To be interested in what is worth knowing

  • Faith in teachers: To solicit multiple points of view, respecting children where they are on their learning journey

We believe:

  • Children are born with rights

  • Children are competent

  • Children use many “languages” to communicate their experience

  • Children are not empty vessels to fill with facts, figures and dates but come to school with ideas, preferences and hypotheses to explore

  • In the child as protagonist, collaborator, and communicator

  • Children learn best through loving, authentic relationships

  • Child development and current brain research best informs our practice

  • In New York's Early Learning Standards and being ready for all styles of Kindergartens but with a spirit of joyfulness that promotes curiosity, problem-solving and open-mindedness for a lifetime of learning

We support:

  • Emergent curricula that comes from children’s ideas, thoughts and observations

  • Documentation as communication (pictures, quotes, journals, projects, portfolios)

  • The teacher as researcher, partner, nurturer and guide

  • The environment as a “third teacher”, aesthetically -pleasing and connected to nature

  • Play and playfulness

We aim:

  • For peaceful, unhurried childhoods and parenthoods

  • To be connected with the natural world, the harmony in music and dynamics found in  celebrating multi-culturalism

  • For “Nothing Without Joy!” (Loris Malaguzzi)

The academic program at One World Learning Group Family Day Care places an emphasis on every aspect of student growth and development, while going beyond state requirements. We offer a comfortable and inclusive educational environment, where children can thrive through play-based learning, engaging projects, arts, music, literacy in Spanish and English and numeracy.

We frame our teaching by incorporating weekly themes that aim to engage learners in fun and exciting learning.


We are registered with Reggio Emilia North America.  This provides our playschool with a great many resources.  We are also licensed and authorized by the state of New York.  We work with NAEYC to ensure we have the best Professional discussions and collaborative opportunities available for our staff to engage in. Finally, we are an active member of the locally led Child Care Council of Westchester.


We opened our school the day after Labor Day, 2018 with three toddlers.   We will have no more than 12 children to ensure a healthy teacher to student ratio.  It is very important to us that each child feels cared about in a personal manner that they would not necessarily get from a larger center.  We aim to help each child "learn to learn."

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